CSN Aussie grains is a major operator in the lentil market and with solid relationship with farmers, packers and logistic operators container packers. Australia’s lentil crop is predominantly located in South Australia and Victoria. A large percentage of shipments goes to the Indian sub-continent, with much of the balance going to the Middle East.

Varaities of Lentiles

Brown Lentils – This is the most basic variety of lentil and the most likely to be found in American grocery stores. These small, brown lentils hold their shape well during cooking but may become mushy if overcooked.

Yellow Lentils – Yellow lentils are sweet and nutty and have a reddish interior flesh. These lentils break down quickly with cooking and therefore are better suited for dishes that require thickening. Yellow lentils are popular in Indian “dal” recipes where the lentils are cooked down to a smooth puree.

Red Lentils – Red lentils are yellow lentils that have been hulled and split. They are a light red to orange color, small in size, and create a very smooth puree when cooked. Because they have been hulled and split, red lentils are also the quickest cooking variety.