Cotton Farming

//Cotton Farming


Of all the fibre sold worldwide, over 40 percent is cotton. Grown exclusively between 45 degrees north and 35 degrees south of the Equator anywhere in the world, cotton in Australia is made up of 361 cotton farms.
Australian producers achieve not only world record yields, but do so working in one of the harshest natural climates on Earth. Australia’s cotton farmers employ sophisticated technology and constantly seek new innovations to ensure their cotton remains in high demand the world over.

There are 361 cotton farms in Australia. Of these 150 are in NSW, and 211 are in QLD.The value of Australian raw cotton exports in 2009-10 was $755 million, due to drought. In 2010-11, with improved seasonal conditions for cotton growers, this figure equaled $1,369 million.

Australian cotton growers have doubled their water efficiency during the last 10 years, through a combination of better water monitoring and irrigation scheduling, evaporation control and improved irrigation practices. The industry target is to double water efficiency again within the next five years.Internationally, Australian cotton growers are three times more water efficient than the global average.

Over the last 10 years, the Australian cotton industry has reduced pesticide use by over 90 percent, through a combination of biotechnology and Integrated Pest Management practices.

Also, following is the list of some factors, because of which, this crop is cultivated most.

  • More availability of water for irrigation
  • Numbers of pesticides and insecticides for cotton crop to control the harmful pest & diseases in crop
  • Availability of labor at very low rate for laborious work
  • High yielding cultivar of cotton are there