Australia has an enviable reputation for producing a reliable supply of high-quality, contaminant-free barley that is sought after by the malting, brewing, distilling and feed industries. CSN Aussie grains source both feed and malt barley directly from the grower and delivered markets throughout New South Wales and Victoria, South and Western Australia. We contracts directly with Australian growers, taking ownership of the barley from the farm through to the final port destination. We arrange delivery for container packing, ensures product grading and testing, and finally delivery to port for export.

Australia averages production of 7 million tonnes per year: 4.5 million for the feed and 2.5 million for the malting industry. It is a widely grown crop (second in size only to wheat) and occupies a large geographic area – almost 4 million hectares – dispersed from Western Australia to southern Queensland.

Benefits of Barley

  • Keeps Intestine Healthy
  • Protects against Gallstones
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Helps Manage Diabetes